pygame puzzler

Pete Shinners shredwheat at
Sat Feb 23 13:16:04 EST 2002

Gil wrote:
> Can somebody help me here? I've installed SDL_mixer-1.2.1 from a
> .tar.gz package without complaint except one:
> "SMPEG-version>"

this shouldn't be a problem. if SDL_mixer can find the SMPEG library 
when it configures, it enables MP3 playback. without the library you 
just get no MP3 support. so it's definitely optional and shouldn't stop 
things from working...

> [caltrop at localhost examples]$ python
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "", line 10, in ?
>     import pygame.mixer, pygame.time
> ImportError: No module named mixer

the mixer module in pygame is also optional. that means pygame can build 
and install without it. pygame comes with a "" script, and if 
it cannot find the SDL_mixer library, it disables the pygame.mixer 
module. the first thing to check is the "Setup" file. this is a simple 
text file created by the config, it stores the compile settings. open 
the file and first check to see if there are compile flags for the 
"MIXER" variable. once that seems reasonable, scroll down to the next 
section which lists the optional modules. make sure the line for "mixer" 
is not commented out. (uncomment "mixer_music" too)

if the Setup file already looks ok, then it means the mixer module 
probably already compiled ok. perhaps take a look for "" in the 

if the Setup file is now looking correct. rerun the "" which 
will get your installation up to date. as long as it doesn't error out, 
i'm certain the mixer module will be installed. if the runs 
cleanly and it still doesn't work, i'm guessing it might have something 
to do with mismatched python versions?

> My sound card works and I ran successfully.

the problem here is not that the sound doesn't work, but the needed 
pygame.mixer modules isn't being built, or isn't being found by python.

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