Simple threaded web-server based on BaseHTTPServer?

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Feb 1 00:55:31 CET 2002

Paul Rubin wrote:
> "Tim Peters" < at> writes:
>>Well, because there aren't "real threads" under the covers, a blocking
>>operation in one uthread blocks *all* uthreads for the duration.
>>It should be possible to combine uthreads w/ native threads, but the
>>semantic model gets ever-harder to master the more gimmicks get tossed into
>>the mix.
> I think the best approach (if feasible) is designing the i/o library
> to always avoid blocking operations.

But this is a PITA for casual users.  If, for example, you had an IO 
library where "read()" never blocked, then obviously all the code would 
need to add support for some sort of notification when the read actually 
completed and the data is available.  Even then, you would find most 
programmers then simply issue the non-blocking read call, and 
immediately wait for the completion notification - meaning you are in 
the exact same position.

Code written for non-blocking IO is often significantly different than 
that written for blocking IO.


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