Windows CE vs PalmOS version

Bo Vandenberg bosahv at
Mon Feb 4 03:12:23 EST 2002

At the small risk of being unpopular here I would suggest you really
consider whether you need to write the app in python.

You might want to consider mature developement packages for the palm if this
is a professional project. Running an interpreter on a compartively weak
processor is a lot of overhead. While you might link into a python program
on the base computer, manipulate the data etc... I would suggest you run as
close to hardware as you can on the pda. Plan it to run on the cheapest

I could be wrong of course :) but I think the python implemenations on palm
and winCE are a little young.

I hope some people have concrete experience to prove me wrong ??? :) ?!!!


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> Hello everyone...
> I need to write a program in Python that requires a GUI and to run on a
> hand held device. This would be very easy if it was a desktop
> application, but it is not.
> So the question is:
>     Should I purchase a Windows CE or Palm compatible device and run
> Python on it?
>     What GUI interfaces are available for the Windows CE environment?
> Thank you!
> Lance Ellinghaus
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