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Joshua Muskovitz joshm at
Wed Feb 27 01:06:28 EST 2002

> testfile = open('test','r')
> varset = testfile.readline()
> tple = varset.split()
> vic['AI']['1'], vic['AI']['2'], vic['AI']['3'] = tple
> I assume this will work???


vic = {}
testfile = open('test','r')
varset  = testfile.readline()
tple = varset.split()
vic[('AI','1')], vic[('AI','2')], vic[('AI','3')] = tple
testfile.close() # don't forget to clean up after yourself

and yes, you can shorten the entire thing down to:

vic[('AI','1')], vic[('AI','2')], vic[('AI','3')] =

You don't have to close the file in this case, because the file handle goes
out of scope after the line ends, and the file closes automatically.  Of
course, if your file doesn't have exactly three fields separated by white
space on the first line, this will probably throw an exception.
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