Peer review: Python encyphering script

Courageous jkraska at
Thu Feb 28 01:47:16 EST 2002

>Yeah.  I've designed dozens of ciphers before, all of which fail
>horribly the second I think about frequency analysis.  On the other
>hand, I've never tried actual encryption... I don't quite grok modular
>mathematics yet enough to do anything but monkey-see-monkey-do copies
>of other opensource ciphers.

Start with basic Linear hashing algorithms. Move your way up
the ladder to CRC calculations and then MD5. While you may
never be a whacky mathematician, you should be able to create
your own novel ciphers in short order after that. They'll all
be breakable probably, but that's a different issue.

Hashing is a baby step towards encryption: it's an attempt
to create a non random thing which is undecypherable from random.

Of course, the randomness of hashing is used for some purpose
other than to hide things, usually. :-)


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