socket in python 2.2 vs 2.1

Ivan Bykov ivan at
Tue Feb 26 05:44:49 CET 2002


Thursday, February 21, 2002, 19:43:31, Martin wrote:
>> Python 2.1: '' - valid address. And my application
>> working is correct.
MvL> is not a valid IP number (even though Python 2.1
MvL> accepts it - it actually looks like a bug in the system's IP stack
MvL> which fails to reject this address). Your application works just
MvL> because the system fails to check your address correctly. Python 2.2
MvL> uses different code to check, thus detects the error.
IMHO, '' is a valid IP number. This is number mask, use
for broadcast packet.
MvL> Just remove the connect call.
Then program to work not will.

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