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> I looking for a good web site where I can submit the code I
> write to be looked at and reviewed by other programmers. What I have in mind
> is something like, but for python related stuff
> (please don't flame me because I like perl as well as python).
> 	PerlMonks is a large web site where perl hackers can hang our, swap
> code, and chat about perl or programming in general. It allows people to
> reply and vote on code you write. People can gain experience points and
> different levels depending on how many votes their code gets.
> 	comp.lang.python offers some of these of thing, but from my brief
> stay here I've felt that it's mostly a place to get your programming
> questions answered.

There is no "community" site in the sense of the site (AFAIK)
Most Python discussion takes place on mailing lists or in newsgroups rather
than on web sites.

The closest you may be able to come to what you're looking for at this
time, is a combination of
Useless Python:
and a subscription to the Python-Tutor mailing list:

I don't know about any "voting" or "experience points", but you can get
your code reviewed and discussed.

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