Editors for Python

Mike Dean klaatu at evertek.net
Tue Feb 26 14:47:54 EST 2002

* Andy Todd <andy47 at halfcooked.com> [2002-25-02 23:22]:
> I can't believe anyone could hate vim, its the best editor in the world ;-)

He didn't say he hated *vim*, just *vi* (I suppose there isn't much
difference, but...).  It's possible to use Vim without being a vi

So, check out EasyVim (haven't used it much, and I personally don't like
it, but it does allow one to use Vim's GUI without being exposed to its
VI near heritage as much; you can use Vim much as you would a 'normal'
GUI editor).  Vim has syntax highlighting, and there is an add-on script
available at vim.sf.net that creates a menu of the class and function
definitions in the Python script you are working on (it uses ctags to do

My $.02 for what it's worth...

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