Laura Creighton lac at
Thu Feb 7 17:57:45 CET 2002

Mark McEahern wrote:
> Of course, I could ask the PyPgSql folks not to test for None like that.
> But then they're going to say, "how's the bug actually happening?"  And I'm
> going to have to tell them I'm sending a FixedPoint instance as a param to
> cursor.execute().  And *that* only works because I modified's
> __repr__ to return str(self).  As you can tell, at the moment, I'm just
> flying by the seat of my pants trying to make something work.

I would tell the PyPgSql folks to please change the test so that their
code will work when passed an argument which redefines the __cmp__
function.  Its just something they need to learn -- which Andrew Dalke
taught me hmm, 2 weeks ago now.

Laura Creighton

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