Coming of age...

Paul Prescod paul at
Mon Feb 11 17:20:18 EST 2002

Someone asks in Slashdot (to paraphrase): "What's the best language." Of
course it's a pretty stupid question. In fact the way he asks it is even
worse, but anyhow, the interesting part is the number of references to
Python in the followups. There are lots. And they are moderated up,
despite being (in at least one case) even more vacuous than the
question. That means that the moderators are in favour of Python also.

This is one more datapoint over a few I've collected in the last few
weeks that somehow Python has crossed some kind of line from being a
"like to try it someday" language to an "everybody cool is using it
these days" language. Despite waiting for this moment for several years
I am somewhat, er, nervous about what this means for the future...

Be careful what you wish for.

 Paul Prescod

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