Seeking Python book authors

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Thu Feb 28 03:18:28 CET 2002

Yes! Sign up Mark Hammond to do an "Advanced Python on Win32" and you
will have a winner indeed, Ms. Capparelle!

Look, I hope you publish dozens of Python books (anything to help the
cause, besides, I gotta keep reviewing 'em), but I know what Peter
means: it would really be more helpful at this point to have more
advanced Python books, and books exploring various Python specialties. 

How about a Python and Bioinformatics, a Python Scientific Programming,
a Python and AI, an Advanced Pythonic Extensions and Embedding book, 
Python Game Programming, Advamced Pythonic GUI's, Python Functional
Programming and re-Factoring? 

Best of all, how about a "On the Meaning of Life" by Tim Peters? 

And all the authors you'll ever need for all these great advanced books
are right here on the newsgroup Ms. Capparelle, you needn't look any

Hmm, better leave a few of them alone or we'll miss their open source
contributions as they all churn out more and more books... ;-)))

Ron Stephens, Python City

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