is their any limit on the size of the data passed to a progra m via popen2?

Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Fri Feb 22 19:34:49 EST 2002

husam <h.jehadalwan at> wrote:

> hi Gustaveo,
> You'r solution did not work either. The code hangs at the first loop, 
> specifically at "log.write(".

You don't seem to be having a Python problem, so what about trying to
get some output from the program?  Instead of reading the log into a
var, what about trying it with `os.popen("/home/programs/profit", "w)'
and have the output directed at the terminal for direct inspection.
Maybe you're just missing error messages:)

An other problem that might buck you (but I don't see how this would
be the case as your program seems to work for a few files) is that
pipes are buffered.  So uses `i.flush()' to be sure that what you
wrote really is transmitted to the other end of the pipe.

And as a last resort you could try reading the `ls' output a line at a

    i = os.popen("/home/programs/profit ", "w")

Should this ---------------------------^ space be there?

    i.write("reference /usr/local/3D_Dock/progs/Complex_1g.pdb ") 
    for PDB in os.popen('ls /home/data/pdbs'):
        i.write(" mobile /home/data/pdbs/" + PDB + "\n")

Should this -----^ space be there?

groetjes, carel

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