advocacy help ( Python vs VB )

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I suppose the fact that I get 20 emails in response to this question is a
sign, I know you couldn't get 20 positive third party comparisions of VB to
Python.  I've tried to sell Python in several organizations over the last
few years with varying degrees of success.  The *key* sticking point ( other
than general fear of the unknown ) is enevitably the 'well I can just go an
hire VB programmers but nobody knows this Python thing'.  Which of course is
absurd since the python learning curve is so small.  But the managers aren't
in any position to relate since all they control are resources with resumes
that say VB, C++ or Java...  ~sigh~  So my strategy so far has to been to
build the thing without ever mentioning Python until it's done..


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Google uses python to script their cluster(s).

(Search for python on that page, I counted 10)

Also check out these URLs:

Matthew Sherborne

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> I need to convince my co workers and erstwhile managers to build a
> production system in Python.  They're coming from a VB world and are
> to detach from the Redmond mothership.  I need hard facts, not warm and
> fuzzies about syntax but names of big companies using Python and things VB
> just *cannot* do ( threads, regular expressions.. ? ).
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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