Python 2.2 Modules/Setup lies?

Oleg Broytmann phd at
Sun Feb 3 15:28:16 EST 2002

Because Python 2.1+ uses Disutils, not Setup for configuring itself. This
allows better testing current OS/libraries configuration and selection of

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 08:21:28PM +0000, Jon Ribbens wrote:
> I am installing Python 2.2 from source on an OpenBSD machine and a
> Solaris machine.
> The build instructions indicate that you should:
>   ./configure
>   vi Modules/Setup
>   make
> When I come to edit Modules/Setup, I am somewhat confused, because
> everything in it is commented out, including standard built-in modules
> that are explicitly commented "on by default" but which appear to be
> off by default - e.g. the following section of the file:
>   # Modules that should always be present (non UNIX dependent):
>   #array arraymodule.c    # array objects
>   #cmath cmathmodule.c # -lm # complex math library functions
>   #math mathmodule.c # -lm # math library functions, e.g. sin()
>   #struct structmodule.c  # binary structure packing/unpacking
> Why are these (and everything else in the file) commented out?

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