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>> Arguing with irrational oddballs on usenet is today's equivalent of the
>> Rubik's Cube.

>Only thing is, there is an actual solution to Rubik's Cube.

>I remember Timbo from when I used to hang out in c.s.amiga.*, years
>ago, so consider that if he's still at it, there's a pretty good
>chance that nothing anyone here can say will put an end to the
>nonsense. Killfile him and move on.

>I guess his Amiga broke, so he's looking to Python instead of ARexx to
>implement his ... whatever it is.

>Timbo, it won't work. You need to use Perl. Perl, or C#.

There are header files to these post, which show what system I'm using.
Certainly you know this.

You make posts to the newsgroup three days last august, then this one.
That's your complete history in this newsgroup. That suggest the above is
a troll and an act of intentional defamation of character, libel, slander,
or whatever you want to call a false witness. Hmmm, you haven't changed
yet, or is that what you are (see below)?

The Amiga was the first publicly available system to have all three primary
user interfaces (Command line interface, GUI (workbench) and Automation
Port Interface (API - screw you if you do not like my redefinition of this
term - But it is a correct redefinition that includes the USER.)

In the products the computer industry presents the consumers:
It always seems that there is something lacking, always an incomplete user
tools. Though the Amiga came really close, what was and is lacking is the
intelligence in control of the Amiga IP and as such the system was taken
down and made into an incomplete and problematic system for the user. The
spoiled pirating user base didn't help and the pirates grew up to insure
Amiga will always continue with such ignorance.

The smartest thing to happen so far with the Amiga platform is UAE and
AROS, but even these freely available products can have the the rug pulled
out from under them by the ignorant IP holders. And this will happen
should either of these products become relatively popular. Such IP control
and manipulation has been used before to stunt the Amiga Sales and it will
happen again.

For that, The Amiga is constantly a "dying system", as it has been for
most of it's existance. Amiga corps only sees what ideas it can extract
and try and stamp their IP ownership on, from the so called "user base"
or "Kommunity".

Python is available for many platforms, including the Amiga. Where I have
found that development is alot easier. Maybe on Linux it'd been easier
than windows but Amiga corps lead me to eventually have a windows box (an
example of lack of intelligence that effects the consumer, but what to
expect by PC born owners of Amiga IP?).

Whats the windows box give me that I don't have on the Amiga. Better web
browsing and some applications like allowing me to better deal with
accessing my digital camera and editing pics. Better web page editing
tools (for free). DVD support.

For python, maybe someday I'll figure out how to get tkinter to be
findable by python applications that use it, when I click on their icons,
and in a manner that anyone who installs it on a windows box won't have to
figure it out too. Untill then tkinter is a generall unaccessable GUI for
python and available for fewer platforms than what Python itself is
available. That's really to bad, given python could use a standard GUI
interface package available where ever python is.

What's the history of systems and their user interfaces?

MS DOS began with a Command Line Interface, then GUI but never did it
evolve it's Command Line Interface to have what is considered standard
functionality like command line history and the deception of resizing the
window is a great hinderance to use. The third UI in Windows is various
half ass attempts that are not really for the consumer to even know about.

The Mac began it's user interfaces with the GUI, never really having a
Command Line Interface - Though Now it might have one in OSX. Its third
user interface is limited or constrained to applescript.

Today the Mac might be the best supplier of a system with all three
user interfaces.

But then there is Linux and the Hurd. Also with nothing much more than a
Command Line interface and GUIs, but the potential of adding in the third
user interface on the GNU applications is tremendious. With a skelton code
frame, such conversion can happen very quickly across the platform.

So, there really is not yet an existing system having all three primary
User Interfaces openly available. Yet every one know there is value to be
had in such.

There can only be one reason for this failure. Nobody wants to give the
consumer such control to allow the consumer to do things for themselves.

And that's just the scientifically validated usefulness of the three
primary user interfaces.

Certainly such resistance to even such basics suggest what to expect of
anything that is built upon all three, such as the VIC and the power it
gives the users to do things for themselves, including autocoding.

Should I be supprised a troll from Amigadom shows up?

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