Win32evtlogutil.ReportEvent() - more info please?

Allan Crooks googlegroups at
Wed Feb 6 11:25:17 EST 2002

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<3C5136C6.103 at>...

> So win32evtlog.pyd is such a DLL.  pythonservice.exe is also such a 
> file.  win32evtlog.pyd has simply lots of "%1" messages - ie, no text at 
> all.   See 
>   pythonservice.exe has a few service related messages too - see 

Could you specify an eventId that will actually work for win32evtlog?
I've can't seem to find one that's valid at all... I've tried using
other DLL's, which work, it's just win32evtlog doesn't seem to have
any messages I can use (either that, or I'm doing something seriously


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