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Wed Feb 20 17:22:38 CET 2002

"Thomas Weholt" <thomas at gatsoft.no> wrote in message news:<8rKc8.4$5vh.135400448 at news.telia.no>...
> I keep seeing stuff about SSL/HTTPS-support in standard python, but ... ??
> Do you compile the interpreter with OpenSSL etc ?? My clients and servers
> will most probably run 60% on Linux and 40% windows, and re-compilation
> isn't always feasable for windows-users.

When building Python from source, it is possible to link to OpenSSL
and thus support secure sockets ("https" URLs) and so on - that's how
urllib supports such URL schemes, as far as I can tell. Whilst
M2Crypto provides replacement modules for urllib, I found that the
replacement functions and methods would cut received data at 4096
bytes, and since I was also using Windows without a C compiler to
hand, I needed to find something which plugged in to the Python
distribution I have (which is ActivePython 2.1). Fortunately, Robin
Dunn has provided some drop-in replacement libraries:


Hats off to Robin, I say! :-)


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