Question for the Python Community!

John W. Baxter jwbaxter at
Mon Feb 4 07:10:09 CET 2002

In article <_JU68.2091$3E5.208453 at>,
Stede Troisi <stede at> wrote:

> I was thinking of doing an E-book (because I don't like the high price of
> regular books) on an introduction to programming and artificial intelligence
> in Python.
> I was wondering if there would be interest in such a e-book and if it would
> sell?  I would love to here everyone's opinion.

It would have to be quite compelling (based on reviews) before I would
go to the trouble of obtaining the ability to read ebooks on some
machine, and then the trouble of reading at half speed (which is what
seems to be my onscreen/onpaper reading speed ratio).

I doubt that the ebook's time will have come before I'm gone (age 62).


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