JAR equivalent in Gordon McMillan's Installer

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at geocities.com
Fri Feb 15 17:27:47 EST 2002

wxImages can be loaded from strings.  See the wxPython Wiki entry on 
working with images (particularly the sections on PIL and Numeric):


You can probably use PIL to get GIF/JPEG/Whatever formatted data into 
the RAW format for use by wxImage


Paul Moore wrote:
> On 14 Feb 2002 23:34:12 +0100, Chris Liechti <cliechti at gmx.net> wrote:
[comments on loading various file types from zip files]
>>but then wxWindows Bitmap.LoadFile wants real file...
>>but: """wxBitmapFromXPMData(listOfStrings)  Create a bitmap from a 
>>Python list of strings whose contents are XPM data""" so you would be 
>>limited to XPM images.
> Looks like it's wxPython that has the problem...
> Annoyingly, wxWindows has a wxImage constructor, wxImage(wxInputStream)
> to load from a stream, but wxPython *doesn't* seem to wrap this
> constructor. OK, so there would need to be a conversion from a Python
> file object to a wxInputStream (or something).
> But some way of getting a wxImage from in-memory data (of arbitrary
> format) is really all I'm after - and there ought to be a way to get it.
> I've copied this to the wxPython list. Is there some way I've missed -
> or could a way be added?
> Thanks,
> Paul Moore
   Mike C. Fletcher

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