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Philip Swartzleonard starx at
Mon Feb 18 06:41:55 EST 2002

Keith Farmer || Sun 17 Feb 2002 08:56:39p:

> I decided to toss it out upon the unsuspecting masses.

It might have been a good idea to also toss out this description from 
the top of your sourceforge page.

     This project aims to create Application Toolbars (a class of
     dockable window under Win32) in Python. Examples of AppBars
     include the Win32 taskbar, Norton System Doctor's docking window,
     and Mirabilis's ICQ client. An proof-of- concept has been

> There are currently two main issues which I'm stuck on:
> * Resizing while docked doesn't work. I think there's a conflict with
> other messages kidnapping the mouse.
> * Moving from a docked to an undocked state -- it works, kinda. If you
> drag the mouse too quickly, it'll lose its grip. If you release the
> mouse button, and grab the (now undocked) window again, it's fine.
> I'd certainly appreciate some help in finishing this up, if anybody's
> interested.

It may be beneficial to to try and document what you already have first. 
I couldn't find a single doc string, comment block, or file header to 
tell me what to do with this... maybe i'm looking in the wrong places 
but i couldn't even find definate information on something both tiny and 
important: which OS(s) it is designed for. I can only guess that it 
works on windows due to the DLLs available for download.

It is a nice idea though, if it does what i think it does =).

Philip Sw "Starweaver" [rasx] ::

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