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>> I'm amazed that people always start proposing difficult-to-use
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>> print "<foo/>"

For the special case where you have a tree structure whose nodes
are instances of Python classes, implement an "export" method in
each class something like the following:

    def export(self, outfile, level):
        showIndent(outfile, level)
        for element in self.subelements:
            element.export(outfile, level + 1)
        showIndent(outfile, level)

where showIndent is, perhaps, as follows:

    def showIndent(outfile, level):
        for idx in range(level):
            outfile.write('    ')

Then call export(outfile, 0) on the root node of the tree.

I have had this special case/need quite often.  Following the above
conventions makes it quite ease to generate an XML representation
of my data structures.

  - Dave

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