filtering random values (sieves?)

kevin parks kp87 at
Thu Feb 14 07:54:46 CET 2002

Uhmm... yeah. stupid me. As amazing as it seems, it never occured to
me to just generate the values i wanted in the first place.

But what i was hoping to do was generate two somewhat large lists
algorhytmically and use one list to filter the other, which would be
sort of  like getting the interesection, like so:

def intersect(*args):
	intersection = []
	for x in args[0]:     			
		for foo in args[1:]:			
			if x not in foo: break	
    	return intersection

Not sure that is the best way, but the idea of just choosing from the
items in the first place is, uhmm <embarrasing mode on> obvious
</embarrasing mode off>

It's hard  to find a rock big enough to crawl under. Boy sometimes the
answer really is right under your nose aint it?



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