Paper "PDF Editing and Processing" at IPC 10?

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at
Sat Feb 16 01:17:37 CET 2002

I was at the presentation.  It was a system that parsed pdf files in to
pythonic objects and structures and allowed for editing and saving existing
pdf docs.  It was written completely in python.  The down side is that the
presenter had no code to show or share and seemed quite taken aback when
requests were made.

He said in a "few months" after the code had been "cleaned up."  So, it
doesn't appear as though they will be releasing it.   Too bad, it was quite


"Dinu Gherman" <gherman at> wrote in message
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> Hi!
> At IPC 10 there was the following presentation/paper:
>   Jyh-Yuan Deng and Shang-Kang Deng
>   Using Python as PDF Editing and Processing Framework
> that I'm interested in. I read the paper, but unfortu-
> nately the thing seems to have no name, the author
> doesn't reply to emails and the website and/or company
> of one of the authors,, seems not to
> exist.
> Hence, I wonder, is this vaporware or has somebody seen
> it in action or even used it?
> Regards,
> Dinu
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