Scripting C++ -- Boost.Python vs CORBA vs ???

rasmussn at rasmussn at
Tue Feb 19 18:29:19 EST 2002

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 09:57 AM, Craig Maloney wrote:
> I'm doing some scientific computing and have
> amassed a moderate set of classes.  Due to the
> heavy computational demands, I don't think I
> can justify rewriting everything in an interperated
> language; nice as that would be now that I'm
> playing around with what I've created.

> I would, of course, like to have some sort of scripted
> environment (e.g. Python) in which to "play"
> with my objects.

> I'm making essential use of templates and polymorphism.
> I have no experience with Boost.Python, but from what I
> understand, it would not involve writing wrapper definitions
> (ala SWIG or IDL), right?  Are there other options?

You should consider SILOON which was created for scripting
scientific code.  It works particularly well with C++
and works by parsing user source directly.  No wrapper definitions
or IDL is required.  See

A new version is coming out in a couple of months which generates
Python extensions for Fortran 95 (again by parsing user source
code to discover Fortran procedures to export to Python).

> Or should I just wait for .NET/mono to come out? ;)

Of course.


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