PYTHONPATH on the Windows Registry?

Bill Tate tatebll at
Tue Feb 12 07:02:41 EST 2002

"Ixokai" <usenet at> wrote in message news:<3c673b3e$1_2 at nopics.sjc>...
> Question-- if Python on Windows (w/o win32all) is running on a machine,
> without any PYTHONPATH/etc set in the registry, but with an environment
> variable set, will it set its 'current' python path into the registry? Or
> set anything at all? I want a zero-impact run of Python on the system. :)
> Thanks.
> --S
If you create/set an environment variable via the control panel
(system -> environment variables) the variable will be set in the
registry until removed (normally environment variables are stored
somewhere like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet01\Session
Manager\xxxxxx - it varies by what version of windows you're running).
 If you set environment variable via a *.cmd or *.bat file, then those
settings exist for the length of the user's session and AFAIK no
temporary registry settings are made.

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