Problems compiling python Debug under windows

Marco Gillies m.gillies at
Wed Feb 27 16:35:16 CET 2002

I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to write a python extension in
C++ under windows. I traced the original problem to the fact that I
should be using the debug version of python with a debug extension. So
I'm trying to compile python as debug. Which is where the problems

I've got as far as compiling the pythoncore module (the python dll and
executables). However, I also need to compile the external modules,
_sre, _socket, parser etc. I've compiled these and the .pyd files are
there and I've tried to import them into python the give an error:

Import Error:dynamic modules does not define init function

I've tried to run DUMPBIN on the .pyd file to see what names it
exports and it doesn't seem to export anything. I think this is
because USE_DL_EXPORT isn't defined. I tried defining this but then
the modules won't compile. They give various external symbol
unresolved errors of the form:

socketmodule.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
socketmodule.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol

etc. etc.

My suspition is that, as USE_DL_EXPORT defines both DL_EXPORT and
DL_IMPORT to be __declspec(dllexport) some symbols in header files
that are being imported by the module I'm compiling are defined as
DL_IMPORT and should be import symbols but are in fact being defined
as export symbols by the DL_IMPORT macro.

I guess I'm doing something wrong, probably I'm defining USE_DL_EXPORT
in the wrong place (I'm doing it in the Visual C++ properties dialog
which defines the symbol on the command line while compiling the
module). I'm using Visual C++ .NET.

Does anyone have any ideas 



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