lists, uppercase?

Magnus Lie Hetland mlh at
Wed Feb 6 06:17:34 CET 2002

In article <3C59CD86.A173232D at>, Peter Hansen wrote:
>Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:
>>   if myString.isupper():
>>       # it's all uppercase
>Almost, but not quite:
>From String Methods in the 2.2 documentation:
> isupper() :  Return true if all cased characters in the string are uppercase 
> and there is at least one cased character, false otherwise.
>In other words, it is possible for a string to contain characters which are
>not uppercase and yet isupper() returns true.  

And by "not uppercase" you mean "not cased", such as numbers and
special characters? I'd say the definition is pretty natural.

>So it all depends on the real requirement.  What does "totally
>uppercase" mean to the OP?



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