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Fri Feb 22 06:20:58 CET 2002

"DanS" <danscott at> wrote in message news:<a53nl0$6ld at>...
> The best thing here would be to write your own Visual Basic app and use the
> MS Multi Media control...
> Write your program to take command line input.. and well, thats about it..

This shouldn't be necessary as you should be able to use the 
OLE automation interface to the MCI control from Python directly.
However, the MCI control has lots of baggage you don't need.
The mciSendString() API was specifically designed to do 
multimedia from scripting languages. (Originally Macromind Director's
MMP files.) If mciSendString isn't already wrapped, you should be able
to use CallDLL. 

example strings:
   "play foo.wav from start to 1434"
   "open baz.wav alias s"
   "record s"
   "close s"

for details.


> Dan
> "T H" <tth_1 at> wrote in message
> news:140415ad.0202211224.40d8b34b at
> > I need a simple way to record audio with a scripting language in
> > Windows.  I
> > think this can be done by executing sndrec.exe or sndrec32.exe (the
> > sound recorder that comes with windows that can be executed by going
> > to Programs->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder), however I
> > can't seem to be able to make it record.  I know you can use this
> > program to PLAY a WAV file by executing
> > sndrec32.exe /play /close filename.wav
> >
> > However I was not able to make it record by executing
> > sndrec32.exe /record /close filename.wav
> >
> > The command above I tried is just a guess, i have no idea if there is
> > a /record parameter.  Any idea where I can find a list of command line
> > parameters for sndrec32.exe?
> >
> > If anyone knows any other way of automating the task of recording
> > audio using a scripting language (which executes a free audio
> > recording program), please let me know.  Any help is much appreciated.

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