Python UK Conference - April 4 & 5 2002

Paul Brian paul1brian at
Thu Feb 21 05:50:20 EST 2002

Dear all,

As you may have seen in other postings, the UK is hosting a Python
conference in April.

The two day conference is packed full of talks on cutting edge applications
of Python, with time to meet, socialise and even discuss code, life and love
with fellow Pythonistas. You even get access to the full ACCU conference,
attended by luminaries such as Bjarne Stroustrup.

The conference is kindly being hosted by the ACCU (The Association of C & C
+ + Users) at the Heritage Motor Centre, Warwick, (near Stratford Upon Avon,
and Oxford) and it runs for the perfect length of two days, on Thursday 4th
of April and Friday 5th April 2002.

You can register online at , and further details
are available there too.  Please note that Python attendees should pay the
daily rate for the conference (£130 /day for ACCU members, £155 else) for
the one or two days they choose to attend.

I do hope as many of you who can will be able to attend, even in these ROI
focused times.


Paul Brian
"I still have not got a signature for my newsreader"

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