Thread support in NetBSD

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Feb 28 11:22:05 EST 2002

"Anders ?erg" <andersaa at> wrote in message news:<a5iarm$1nvp$1 at>...
> > If the pthreads module is suited for your thread library, you can try
> > setting CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS before invoking configure. If that fails,
> > you need to adjust
> What should i set these flags to? Sorry but i don't know much about these
> things..

If you're running bash or something similar (with a $ prompt), try:

  CPPFLAGS=/path/to/headers LDFLAGS=/path/to/libraries ./configure ...

I think this should work. You could always have a look at config.log
to see where the configure program goes wrong.


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