Newbie question...

bc90021 bc90021 at
Mon Feb 18 17:24:54 EST 2002

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> ... but of course hacking the RPMs can be fun. When I was using SuSE, I
> always changed the .SPEC file and recompiled the source RPMs. Then
> changed all the other Python related .SPEC files, if necessary and
> rebuilt everything Python related. Most of the time, this is pretty
> straightforward and a simple replace of "1.5" with "2.2" in the .SPEC
> file is enough.
> I don't want to discourage you :-)
> Gerhard

Thank you for all your help.  You won't discourage me - I've been 
playing around with RedHat since 5.0, and half the fun of RedHat is 
getting it to work *properly*.  ;)

I've never tried hacking the RPMs, as I've always just tried to solve 
the dependencies, but that sounds like it could be fun!  :)


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