Networking Problems

Simon Crosby simc at
Tue Feb 12 04:33:48 EST 2002


I have recently tried programming a text network game using sockets in 
python as detailed in "Programming Python" 2nd ed. I developed this on 
linux and used telnet as a client. Then I tried connecting to the game 
server with windows telnet. This showed the text very differently, 
ignoring newlines and when prompting for input takes any character as a 
newline. It does not matter if the server is run on linux or windows.
Attached is my networking code.

eg :

                                                             |                Are
 na Dungeon                      |
                                          | Our Motto: No quests, just fights!
                Made by: Simon Crosby, simc at
>                                                            N - start a New chara
> cter
>     O - Open a existing character
>                                  Q - Quit Arena Dungeon
>                  >What? Invalid choice
>                                       >What? Invalid choice
>                                                            >What? Invalid choice

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