Windows Message Hooks

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Feb 15 08:02:11 EST 2002

wooks wrote:
> Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<3C6C4920.4000301 at>...
>>wooks wrote:
>>>Can anyone direct me to a resource where I can find info Python
>>>support for the above.
>>I don't think you will find direct support.  Adding such support to the 
>>win32gui module should not be difficult.

> . I came across this book.
> I am wondering whether it would be possible to apply any techniques I
> learn from it to Python via the win32gui module that you mentioned. I
> presume the book tells you what API calls to make and you just make
> them from Python rather than VB. Yes?

Probably - but without seeing the book I really can't be sure.


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