Simple threading thing

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Thu Feb 28 21:14:46 CET 2002

I need a thread, no forking. Should run in Linux and Win32. I need a thread
that functions in the background, running beside the main server, with a
reference to the main server so it can maintain states etc. in it. The
purpose of the process is to mainly remove expired sessions ( remember this
is a webserver ), log certain values and monitor the server, and work as
sort of a janitor.

Does that make it any clearer?


"Martin von Loewis" <loewis at> wrote in message
news:j4vgchebcy.fsf at
> "Thomas Weholt" <thomas at> writes:
> > I got a webserver based on BaseHTTPServer using threads. When it starts
> > want to create a seperate process, a thread, that goes into the
> > and checks the server on given intervals, clearing expired sessions etc.
> > cannot get the created thread to pass control back to the server and let
> > continue. It just sleeps the specified interval and then does it thing
> > sleeps again. The server never gets into action at all.
> >
> > Any clues?
> What operating system? What do you mean by "create a separate process"?
> Regards,
> Martin

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