Python 2.2 Modules/Setup lies?

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Mon Feb 4 07:22:14 CET 2002

jon+usenet at (Jon Ribbens) writes:

> Sorry, I don't understand your answer. Do you mean that the README
> file is completely wrong? This would appear to be a bit of an
> oversight if so. Python 2.2 most certainly is using the Setup file to
> configure itself, because it changes things if I alter it. 

Where did you read that you must edit it? My copy of the README says

# Fortunately, the configuration and build process has been
# streamlined for most Unix installations, so all you have to do is
# type a few commands, optionally edit one file, and sit back.

This suggests that editing Modules/Setup is optional, and indeed, it

# You may want to pass options to the configure script or edit the
# Modules/Setup file after running configure -- see the section below
# on configuration options and variables.

You *may* edit Modules/Setup; there is no need to do so.

> On the other hand, it does appear to be including modules that are
> excluded in Setup. Is there any *correct* documentation for all of
> this somewhere? How do I configure things like where socket.c looks
> for SSL libraries?

If you don't configure anything, will look for it in a few
standard places. If that fails, you should not edit, but edit
Modules/Setup instead - this is where you specify include directories
for modules if any are needed. If the SSL libraries are in a different
location on your system (and still provided by the system), please
report that as a bug so that will look in more locations.

Modules not listed in Modules/Setup are not excluded, they are just
not explicitly configured.


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