undefined symbols when embedding python

Dave Marotti landshark at verticaladdiction.net
Thu Feb 14 07:24:36 CET 2002


I'm using SIP to wrap a C++ class (very basic) and then embed the python
interpretor in another C++ program.  From the new C++ program I import the
wrapped c++ class and make some python calls.

Using SIP to wrap the C++ class worked fine.

Using the new pythong class in the python interpretor via the python executable
works fine.

However, when I try to run my C++ program which contains the embedded python
interpretor, any call which imports my wrapped C++ class causes undefined

ImportError: ./libtestwrapc.so: undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4

I've linked my embedded C++ program to libpython2.0.a.

I've toyed with different linkings, but now I'm completely stumped.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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