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Rony rony.steelandt at
Mon Feb 18 03:07:13 EST 2002

This is interresting ... never sawn this one
I'll try it immediatly


Michael Kelly <mkelly2002NOSPAM at> wrote in message news:<rfrv6ucpn8osftj7e2mbj34e1o46271v3q at>...
> On 16 Feb 2002 08:57:15 -0800, rony.steelandt at (Rony) wrote:
> Something I found in Python using COM,
> (after Mark pointed it out to me that is)
> is that if you have "out" parameters other than
> the retval you should use them in multiple assignment.
> I wrote a wrapper for Delphi TIniFile that got a similar
> error only in Python.  It turned out I was passing a
> param to procedures with "out" parameters like:
> myIniFile.ReadSection('section', sectionlist)
> when I should have done:
> sectionlist = myIniFile.ReadSection('section')
> In VB or VC++ I would have to pass the 2 params
> in the parens as expected.
> IOW, since Python has multiple assignment and
> VB and VC++ do not, any out param should be
> assigned to rather than passed as a param.
> Anyway the error was something to do with
> a type error so I'm pretty sure you're getting
> burnt by the same thing.

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