SilverCity 0.1.0

Brian Quinlan brian at
Sun Feb 3 14:24:42 EST 2002

Neil Hodgson wrote:
> Not sure which level you are interested in. 

Whatever level you are willing to provide :-) Really, I am trying to
make sure that my API does not make it difficult to retrieve useful

> The _SilverCity interface
> looks straightforward. 

Yes, it's pretty simple. I'll probably write a test suite in the next
few days that will exercise/demonstrate all of its features. The only
feature that is not demonstrated, I believe, is that PropertySets act
like mapping types e.g. propset['tab.timmy.wingy.level'] = 3

I have a Scintilla features request though:
- expose the name of the lexer in the LexerModule class (it'd like to
include the lexer's name in __repr__ and exceptions) 

> There could be a script for generating language
> modules or outlines of language modules from the constants:
> "SCE_C_*"). 

Great idea! I don't think that the event handler names can be exactly
what I want (I like to segment identifiers by name i.e. SCE_C_COMMENTDOC
=> handle_c_comment_doc) but I think that saving me all the typing is
well worth it!

What did you think about the higher-level API? i.e. lexing to events,
the HTML generators, etc? 

> BTW, the verbatim lexical class that got the "XXX what is
> this?" comment is for C#'s multiline verbatim strings: 
> @"Just like ""Python"" uses triple quotes for long texts."

Cool, thanks. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Neil!


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