Please stop responding to Rue

Rony rony.steelandt at
Fri Feb 8 03:25:55 EST 2002

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who on earth you think you are, to just post a message on usenet
saying don't talk to that guy !!

1. Nobody or nothing gives you that right.
2. It's a attack to peoples intelegence here, i assume they very well
can decide by themself if they want to dicusse or not
3. It's against the spirit of usenet
4. You are not God to decide this
5 ....

I could go on for hours like that

Think about this


sandskyfly at (Sandy Norton) wrote in message news:<b03e80d.0202060227.368f6ea7 at>...
> "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."

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