JAR equivalent in Gordon McMillan's Installer

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Thu Feb 14 20:58:13 CET 2002

Paul Moore wrote:

> I have no requirement to include a Python interpreter, or C extensions,
> in the archive. The code is all pure Python. But, I do want to be able
> to include support files (text files, image files for use in wxPython
> toolbars, graphics for display on screen, sound files, etc etc) which
> can be picked up from the same archive.

If you require this being in a single archive file only for transfer
purposes, you can use distutils (standard in 2.1+, not sure about 2.0).
Distutils will create a single zipfile/.tgz/rpm that can be distributed
easily.  To install the package, it's only necessary to open the archive and
type 'python setup.py install'.  (It may also be able to create a
single-file self-installing .exe on Windows.)  Note that once you install
the package, it is no longer a single archive file, but is fully extracted
to its individual component files, so this may or may not meet your needs.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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