comparing DateTime instances

Mark McEahern marklists at
Fri Feb 1 18:48:27 EST 2002

Steve Holden wrote:
> It is indeed telling you the DateTime values are equal. Did you think of
> trying the equality operator?

Yeah, I did, but it was failing because of rounding errors.  That's why I
felt I had to resort to cmp, since it allows an optional accuracy parameter.
I just got all flummoxed because my brain wanted it to return true for
equality.  This is despite the fact that I've defined __cmp__ for my own
classes in the past and been bitten by the same confusion.  I guess my brain
just doesn't work that way.

> [...]I suspect you are going to enjoy Python.

That's true, I enjoy it immensely.  Thanks for the helpful explanation.


// mark

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