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> >> well if I could get the win32com extensions to change passwords on
> >> different machines for me I would really like that
> >
> >Why win32com rather than win32net (where it's easy)?
> >
> well I assumed we have to do it through DCOM,

You need to use com to attack the clever new features in Active
Directory Win2k+ but plain NT account info win32net is simple.

Best is to download the samples for the win32all package

(not sure, can't remember URL, I have file as -

or buy Mark Hammonds Python on Win32 book,

or use the help with win32allxxx (and win32api help)

> but if it's easy with win32net what's the easy way?

import win32net


'' is server name, in this case server it is run on (no need for name)
2 is data level - what to get/set

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