Extremely Newbie wants to program and pleads to be pointed in the right direction

Anders Schneiderman schneida at seiu.org
Thu Feb 28 19:32:54 CET 2002

Chris <nospam@[]> wrote in message news:<b7yVwiC1Cff8EwBv@[

> Can you do ordinary 2D graphics stuff without VPython - simply using the 
> ordinary Python?

Other folks have replied re: VPython, but one more toy you might check
out is Alice, at http://www.alice.org/.  Alice is a tool that lets you
create interactive 3D graphics, and it uses Python as its scripting
language.  I've never got the chance to play w/ it, but I've heard
people rave about how much fun it is.  Might be worth a look.


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