Autocoding - the resistance to expect from psuedo programmers

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at
Sun Feb 3 20:11:56 EST 2002

"Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> wrote:
> In reviewing over many messages in the autocoding and related
> threads and seeing the evidence of contridictions, hypocracy,
> irrational and illogical responses......

> Its damn clear that there is a need to remove the sort of people
> posing to be professional who are in essence just good liars,
> abstraction manipulators, from the industry.

Why don't you simply put us all in your killfile so you don't see what
we write?

I'm sure an increasing number of readers of these newsgroups are doing
this to you...
(reverse (concatenate 'string "ac.notelrac.teneerf@" "454aa"))
"Bother,"  said Pooh,  "Eeyore, ready  two photon  torpedoes  and lock
phasers on the Heffalump, Piglet, meet me in transporter room three"

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