SourceForge Python foundry ????

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Fri Feb 8 14:31:06 EST 2002

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> > "Mats Wichmann" <mats at> schrieb
> > > What's up with the Python foundry on SourceForge? It's not listed in
> > > any of their lists of foundries, although if you plug in "python" in
> > > the standard path they use for a foundry it comes up fine...
> >
> > Perhaps, that is because SF still has a grubby v1.5.2 installed?
> As soon as debian 'stable' includes a newer version we'll be happy to
include it.

Google stalking at work?
Nonetheless, this is a good message, at least we wont get a prompt saying
something like "AOL-Linux -- you have got snails!"

Karl M. Syring

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