Major league corruption - anyone seen anything like this?

Dave Cole djc at
Wed Feb 13 11:01:24 CET 2002

>>>>> "Fernando" == Fernando Pérez <fperez at> writes:

Fernando> One idea: why don't you remount it as ext3 and try to
Fernando> trigger the condition again? ext3 is supposed to have a lot
Fernando> of internal safeguards that go off when 'wrong' things
Fernando> happen to the filesystem. Of course, it might be that as far
Fernando> as the filesystem is concerned nothing 'wrong' is happening
Fernando> (that is, your process is somehow writing junk but well
Fernando> within the boundaries of its permissions). But it might
Fernando> help, or provide some extra info.

Use strace to track system calls.  If it is your code you will see the
system calls.  If it is hardware you might see things which cannot be
explained by the system calls.

- Dave


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