Modules/makesetup failure

Jeff Blaine jblaine at
Mon Feb 4 11:15:32 EST 2002

Any Python version seems to exhibit this behavior at build
time (1.5 through 2.1.x at least).

If I put a line (which I understand to be valid) like:

    -L/my/tcl/lib -Xlinker -rpath /my/tcl/lib \ 

in Modules/Setup, then the makesetup script fails when it
hits the second '/foo' and says it's a 'bad word'.

If I add a special case in makesetup at around line 137 like

    /*)    libs="$libs $arg"; skip=libs;;

it works fine and Python + Modules compile fine.

What's up with that?  I'm surprised that this has not been
crossed/fixed yet and it makes me think, against all instinct
in this case, that I am doing something wrong.  That's a very
common gcc+ld convention to use... (-Xlinker -rpath /foo)

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