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Mon Feb 11 14:23:11 EST 2002

Le 11/02/02 à 10:54, Peter H.J. v.d. Kamp écrivit:
> >> > According to the MAC OS X documentation of Python 2.0 I have
> >> > to drop the file onto the interpreter and pass the
> >> > build argument by setting a Unix style command line (which can
> >> > be set by holding the option key during interpreter startup).
> >> 
> >> Sounds frightening ;-) Don't you have a shell or terminal window on
> >> MacOS X?
> >
> >Sure there is. I think maybe he's not yet aware that there are still two
> >very different version of Python available for OSX: MacPython, which
> >is still backwards compatible with MacOS 9 and earlier, and then there's
> >plain vanilla "unix Python". It sounds like he's trying with MacPython
> >where he really needs unix Python.
> Sorry, that was an omission in my original posting. I'm indeed working with
> MacPython and not with the plain vanilla "Unix Python".

I have almost zero knowledge of Macs, but AFAIK MacPython is built with
CodeWarrior, so you'll probably need this to compile MySQLdb.

I strongly suggest you use the unixoid Python for MacOS X, as it will
allow you to use GNU autoconf et al. for building the MySQL client
libraries and gcc for building the C part of the MySQLdb Python

I used to see some MacOS X folks around here, but there's also a Python
for Macintosh SIG with a quite active mailing list:

I've quickly browsed around at
and it looks like you can easily install the developer tools from your
MacOS X distribution.

I'd also suggest you install a commandline version of Python from then continue with building MySQLdb from
the commandline.

Ah well. maybe you won't need to build MySQL proper, looks like a binary
distribution for MacOS X is available at

Just recognized that I have access to MacOS X on Sourceforge's compile
farm. I'll try to build a MySQLdb.


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