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Gustavo Cordova gcordova at
Tue Feb 12 19:09:54 EST 2002

> >It's common for little children to mistakenly use "-isto" as well as
> >"-ista" when talking about boys or girls, that's why it's funny, 
> >because it's an infantile mistake.
> Is -ista always feminine? E.g. is it always _la dentista_ not 
> _el dentista_?

It's used both ways: "El Dentista" for a male dentist, "La Dentista"
for a female dentist.

On the other hand, "Doctor", can have male and female usage:
	El Doctor
	La Doctora

But, there's other words, like "radio", which seems male but it's
actually a female subject: "La radio".

And also "agua" which seems female, but it's a male subject: "el agua".


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