No space left on device

Sue Giller sag at
Thu Feb 21 00:57:41 CET 2002

Ok, more info.

My Win2000 machine harddrive seems to be FAT32 format.  I can 
successfully generate (extremely quickly) the 100K files if I create a 
set of subdirectories and put files in there (my test case put 50 files 
in each subdir).  This would indicate that the slow downs are indeed 
due to mktemp doing its checking.

I can get the full 100K files to be created, relatively quickly, on 
another drive on my network (NT 4.0), with NTFS formatting, with no 
problems.  This is much quicker than creating the 21K files on the 
FAT32 disc, in one directory, even over the network.

So, I am assuming there is some problem with the FAT32 system 
when a directory gets lots of files in it.  Since I can make the 100K 
files if I don't use mktemp, I am also assuming there is some 
problem with mktemp in this scenario.

If anyone figures this out, it would be interesting to know what is 
going on.  Meanwhile, I guess I'll need to redesign my file 
generation algorithm to split things up.

thanks for the input.


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